LIC Lumine Card by IDBI

LIC Lumine Card by IDBI

Product Features of Lumine Card


IDBI Bank-LICCSL ‘Lumine’ Credit Card

Card Network and Variants

(Network franchisee to be decided by Bank)

Credit Limit

·       Minimum Credit Limit – Rs. 50,000/-

·       Maximum Credit Limit - as per credit eligibility or Rs. 5 Lac whichever is lower

Delight Points (Rewards Points)

3 Delight Points on every purchase transaction of Rs. 100/- [1 Point = Rs 0.25]

Welcome Bonus Delight points

1,000 Delight Points on spending a total of Rs. 10,000 within 60 days from the date of Card issuance.

LIC Payment

·  2X points on LIC Payments

·  Convenience Fee will be waived off.

Redemption Criteria

·     Can be redeemed against only available merchandise items.

·     Minimum 1,000 Delight Points required for redemption.

·     Minimum Loading of 4000 Delight Points in case of redemption through IDBI Bank Gift Cards.

·     No Cash back/e-com/in-store redemption allowed.

Fuel surcharge waiver

1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver for a minimum transaction of Rs. 400 and maximum transaction of Rs. 4000 [maximum Rs. 300 per month]

Airport lounge access


Zero Lost Card Liability


EMI facility

Minimum Transaction Amount: Rs. 3000/- (excluding cash withdrawal, fuel purchase, Jewelry transactions)

Interest Rate: 13% per annum (fixed)

Processing Fees and foreclosure fees: NIL

Tenure Options: 3, 6, 9 or 12 month

Interest Free Credit period

Maximum 48 days

Cash Advance Limit

15% of credit limit

Other Privileges

Applicable Bank &Network franchisee offers

Add-on card

Yes, 01 Add-on card will be issued.

Card Validity

4 Years

Minimum Amount Due

5% of billing amount or Min 200/-

Personal Accident & Permanent Disability Insurance

Rs. 2.00 lakh sum assured

Credit Shield Cover


Book My Show Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Movie ticket Offer (On 2nd& 4th Weekend)


 Eligibility Criteria for Lumine Credit Card

Sr. No.




Eligible Applicants

1. Must be Employees / Agents/ Policyholders of LIC and its Subsidiaries/Associates.

2. Must be Resident Indians.

3. Must be Salaried/Retired (max. age 65)/ Self Employed with consistent source of income.

4. Customers with only commission income (except for LIC Agents)/Rental Income/Interest Income will not be eligible under normal category.

5. Salaried employees working in Proprietorship Firms & Partnership Firms and contractual employees are not to be considered.

6. Should not have existing Credit Card with IDBI Bank


Geographical location

As per the approved list of cities mutually agreed between IDBI Bank and LIC Cards.


Age Norms

Minimum : 21 (Add-on Cards- 18 years)

Maximum : 60 for salaried and 65 for Self Employed/Retired/Pre-approved category


Work Experience

Salaried: Minimum 1 Year

Self Employed: Minimum 2 Years

# to be ensured by LICCSL- Marketing Channel


Minimum Income Norms

Salaried: Minimum Net Adjusted Income to be Rs. 30,000/- p.m.

Self Employed: Minimum Net Adjusted Annual Income >= Rs. 4, 80, 000 (as per ITR) across all locations.


FOIR (Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio)

Maximum FOIR of 70%


CIBIL Credit Vision Score

·       Minimum Score of 740

·       Minimum Score of 700 for LIC Employees

·       The cases with eligible scores  and a mention in the CIR as "CREDIT AGE LESS THAN SIX MONTHS" will be offered the limit based on the eligibility and extant Credit Underwriting norms, subject to the maximum limit (based on NAI) defined below.

NAI (in Rs.)

Maximum Limit to be Assigned (in Rs.




Mobile Connection




Positive Field Investigation Report

* Waived off for Customers who have availed HL, LAP or EL from IDBI Bank Ltd. and such loan is Live with satisfactory track record.

* Waived off for Employees of LIC and its Subsidiaries/Associates, LIC Corporate/MDRT/Galaxy/CM /ZM Club Agents.


Previous Rejected Application

Customer application for a credit card should not have been rejected by the Bank in the last 6 months.







LIC Lumine Card by IDBI